Great News!

Evergreen Forest Gazebo Evergreen Forest Resort has just completed the newest addition to our guest accommodations: a lovely outdoor Gazebo! This Gazebo is not just for decoration; we offer it for our guests to use for daytime and evening relaxation. At almost 20 feet in diameter, it can house lots of indoor-outdoor furniture. This building really comes into its own during the evening, because it's fully wired with lights. And here's the best feature of the Gazebo: it's 100% bug-proof! The walls and floor are screened, as well as the windows and doors, so you can socialize into the night, outside with the peeping frogs and night birds, surrounded by the dark, silent forest. So bring a nice bottle of wine when you come here, and enjoy it right out in the forest, in the midst of nature. What a peaceful and memorable experience! Gazebo Archway The pathway to the gazebo starts just behind your room, and weaves 100 feet through the forest. Narnia Light Halfway along the path is the "Narnia Light", to guide you along the way at night. We like to think it's reminiscent of the light in the forest which C.S. Lewis describes in his book  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Along the Path The path winds among the cedars on its way to the Gazebo... Gazebo Steps The Gazebo is raised about two feet off the forest floor, to give you a better view of things. Inside Gazebo Inside, the Gazebo is dazzling with light!  There's lots of comfy chairs to while away the evening in. Clear Gazebo Roof The clear roof is a unique feature which really puts you in an intimate relationship with the nature all around you. The Gazebo is just one of many great reasons to stay with us at the Evergreen Forest  Resort when you vacation in Grey-Bruce. See you soon! By the way, we can make one for you! Check out our website called Clear Roof Gazebos for more details.