To Infinity, and Beyond!

Because we're all space cadets, at heart.

Our Previous Night Out
Date:Sunday October 26 2014
Time:8:00pm EDT
Conditions:Clear, light breeze, 6 degrees
The clear night sky in the Bruce is breathtaking: glittering with stars, like diamonds scattered on black felt. Every clear night, we haul out our big 10-inch telescope and invite you for a tour of the Universe. Together, we'll go to places near and far: to satellites, double stars, planets, galaxies and even further. Here's a snapshot of a recent "Telescope Night":

The Incomparable Andomeda Galaxy

Come see this beautiful galaxy during fall and winter!

This Hubble image of the Andromeda galaxy is spectacular: how awe-inspiring and deeply humbling it is to gaze at 100 Billion stars at once! Through our telescope, it looks more like a ball of cotton candy, but is still a riveting sight. Galaxies like Andromeda are so far away that it's hard to see the individual stars. They are truly "island universes", afloat in an unimaginably large sea of intergalactic space. We live in a galaxy called the Milky Way, with Andromeda as a slightly larger neighbour, about 2-1/2 million light years away. This is REALLY far away. Here's a great analogy for this distance: if you could roll the entire earth like a ball toward Andromeda, it would take about 600 million million turns to get there!

Did you know that the Andromeda galaxy is one of the largest objects in the sky? Like all galaxies, it is very faint, but it covers an area that would take 6 moons to span. If Andromeda was brighter, we'd see it's full extent in the sky; it might look something like the image below. Wow.

Andromeda is a member of our Local Group, and is often called our sister galaxy, because of it's similarity to the Milky Way. However, our closeness also means that we are gravitationally bound to Andromeda, and in fact are on a collision course! In several billion years (phew!) the two giants will crash and eventually merge into a giant elliptical galaxy. NASA has produced an image of our night sky just before the collision starts. Unbelievable!

We do this stuff all the time here! You're here to see the Bruce Peninsula, right? Why not see the whole universe too? Join us every clear night for a FREE telescope adventure. It's not uncommon for guests to stroll out to the telescope with a glass of wine, and have a peek into the great unknown. Are you ready for a glimpse into the infinite? The skies are waiting...