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The Peninsula Coastal Tour *Available May 2017*

Our Best 2-Night Adventure Getaway: All Inclusive!

This is TWO tours in one package! See the Peninsula Coast from land AND water in one fantastic tour! Our skilled and knowledgable guide makes it easy and fun, as he leads you deep into the heart of Ontario's West Coast, between Pike Bay and Oliphant. Here's what to expect:

  • A two night stay in one of our gorgeous, private rooms, just steps from the wilderness. A wholesome, farm fresh breakfast will start everyone off on the right foot. You might notice that the eggs are very fresh... we raise chickens right here! Ask about our Blueberry Pancakes with local maple syrup--they're to die for!
  • After breakfast, its time for a superb bicycling tour with Jim (that's him, at right, on the Red Bay Rd), following one of the most scenic stretches of coastline on the Bruce. We weave among the quaint woodframe cottages of Pike Bay, and then along beautiful, winding Sunset Drive as it makes its way down to Howdenvale. There's lots of nature to take in along the way. We'll pass the St Jean Point Nature Preserve, a coastal meadow marsh with sedges, lobelia, and white cedar-dominated rocky shoreline. And we usually stop by Petrel Point Nature Preserve, with its excellent fen community and a nice boardwalk; see several native orchids, fringed gentians, sticky tofieldia, and many other fragile and endangered species. Towering pine trees greet the bicyclist as the tour winds its way southward, towards Red Bay.
  • At Red Bay, we'll tour Earthbound Gardens, an amazing gem hidden in the wilderness near Red Bay. The rich soil near Lake Huron has nourished a remarkable diversity of trees, shrubs and perennial flowers. A unique gift shop and nursery, where lilies are the specialty, are available for your perusal. There are literally hundreds of varieties on display, and for sale. Earthbound Gardens is also an official monarch butterfly waystation. After a Gardens walkabout, we'll settle into a lovely picnic lunch, including a free sample of Earthbound's Elderberry Wine. What a lovely treat!
  • After lunch, we shuttle to the Sky Lake canoe launch, where Jim gets us out on the water. A canoe is the premier form of river travel. Staying close to the shoreline, we'll weave among the rushes and lily pads, taking in the splendid grandeur of the Rankin River. It is very quiet here...there are moments when it feels like we're the only people in Ontario! With a little luck we might see some baby ospreys, or perhaps a bald eagle. The water is full of life; often there are remains of beaver dams gliding silently by under the canoe.
  • After the canoe tour, the rest of the day is at your leisure. In the evening, as dusk descends on Evergreen Forest, feel free to enjoy your own wine or beer on the deck. Afterward, remember that our lounge is a wonderful place to chat away the evening. If the skies are clear, we might roll out our ten-inch telescope for a wee tour of the heavens, so don't go to bed too early!

So join us for some serious coastal exploration. Let us take care of all the details of transportation, bike and canoe rentals, etc. Forget about bike racks on the car, boat trailers, and expensive equipment rentals! Just bring yourself and your camera, and have a great time out there on your Coastal Tour of the beautiful Bruce! This 2-night package saves you money over individually purchasing each activity, and is fully guided. Prices range from just $229 to $249 per person, double occupancy, depending on your group size. Group size: 2-4. Minimum age: 14. See you soon!

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