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Get naturally high on the Bruce Trail.

Spring is a GREAT time for hiking here! You don't have to feed those pesky mosquitoes, who usually don't become a problem until June. Also, the forest trails are sunnier and brighter without all those leaves overhead! Without the summer heat, your endurance increases, and without the summer crowds, you might hike for hours without seeing anyone. When your hike is over, the local restaurants and attractions will be less crowded, too. So try a spring getaway, and experience cottage country at its best!The Bruce Peninsula is blessed with some of the finest sections of the entire Bruce Trail. There's more true wilderness here, and many stretches of rugged, remote beauty along the rough spine of the east side of the peninsula. We feature several of these picturesque hikes as part of our shuttle service.

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A highlight of your getaway is our shuttled hikes; the Colpoy's Heights hike and the Skinner's Bluff hike. Depending on season, weather, and your preferences, we'll help you select the best one for you. The Skinner's Bluff hike (shown below) is an 8-km stretch of real beauty. We drop your car off at the Bruce's Caves pavilion, and then shuttle you to the other side. The 3-4 hr hike (The Colpoy's hike is 2 h) is pure pleasure, with lots of spectacular views of Georgian Bay, from high up on the escarpment cliffs. Dense forest often gives way to open, panoramic viewing areas, where the distant Georgian Bay horizon blends water and sky. We pack a delicious hiker's lunch for you; ask about special dietary needs.

Rates start at just $219/pp for this incomparable Natural Getaway. You can also enjoy our free Telescope Nights when skies are clear. So make it a starry getaway, and come to Evergreen Forest, in the beautiful Bruce Peninsula. When you're ready to book, go to our Booking Page.