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Evergreen Forest offers you a world of Adventure!

  • Huge, bright suites with private baths, satellite TV, air conditioning, wireless internet, and private walk-out decks.
  • A giant outdoor clear-roof gazebo, nestled peacefully among the trees, for those quiet interludes. It's available at night too, for your wine and cheese soirees.
  • You can hike or snowshoe our 2.3km trail or trek to the local lookout points, waterfalls, scenic caves, and lighthouses .
  • For adventurous couples, we offer a lovely hiking shuttle service, with a picnic lunch, starting at just $39, to a local part of the Bruce Trail. Your hike ends in the town of Wiarton, where you can rejoin your car and continue sightseeing!
  • There‚Äôs much more you can do here; the menu at left shows our stargazing schedule for the next few months. This is a completely free addition to your getaway, and offers an experience that many city dwellers find almost impossible to enjoy: viewing a dark night sky with a large amatuer telescope. Depending on the season (and the clouds), we head out in the early or mid-evening and explore the heavens. Bring out your wineglasses for this totally relaxing tour of the universe!
  • There are local treasures here: Wiarton is home to The Painted Turtle, a wonderful little shop specializing in jewelry-making, and the Cluttered Cupboard, where anything eclectic is fair game! We are fortunate to be close to Gleason Brook Pottery, an extaordinary place of vibrant design and country charm.
  • Evergreen Forest is a lovely place to to recharge your batteries.
This lovely WILDERNESS ROMANTIC GETAWAY is now available from just $139 per person double occupancy, plus taxes. *Outdoor meals and telescope nights subject to weather condtions. Find each other all over again, at The Evergreen Forest Wilderness B&B.