Get Your Universe On!

Because we're all space cadets, at heart.

Our Previous Night Out
Date:Sunday September 13 2015
Time:10:00pm EDT
Conditions:Clear, light breeze, 13 degrees
Theme:Mizar and Company
The night sky here can be breathtaking: glittering with stars, like diamonds scattered on black felt. Every clear night, we haul out our big 10-inch telescope and invite you for a tour of the Universe. Together, we'll go to places near and far: to satellites, double stars, planets, galaxies and even further. Here's a snapshot of a recent nocturnal foray:

What Does the Big Dipper have in common with Tim Horton's?

OK, you're looking at the big dipper, in the northwestern sky. If you live in a city, then most of the fainter stars will be missing. If you can't see the constellation, put your mouse here. Tonight we talked about the dipper's astonishing secret: Mizar, at the bend in the dipper's handle (put your mouse here to see Mizar). Now take a good, close look at Mizar. It's TWO stars! The little star is Alcor, and has long been considered a vision test of sorts; if you can see Alcor without optical aid, then your eyes are still OK. Mizar and Alcor therefore appear to be a binary, or 2-star system. Things get strange, though, when you look through our scope at this "pair" of stars.

Here's how it looked in our 10-inch scope tonight:

But look: Mizar is itself a close double-- Mizar A and B-- too close together to see with the naked eye. It gets even weirder: amazingly, it turns out that Mizar A, Mizar B and Alcor are all double stars themselves. So the star at the bend of the dipper's handle is actually SIX stars! Alcor is a double star, but we call Mizar the Tim Horton's star, because it's a double-double!

We do this stuff all the time here! You're here to see the Bruce Peninsula, right? Why not see the whole universe too? Join us every clear night for a FREE telescope adventure. It's not uncommon for guests to stroll out to the telescope with a glass of wine, and have a peek into the great unknown. Are you ready for a glimpse into the infinite? The skies are waiting...