Get Your Universe On!

Because we're all space cadets, at heart.

Our Previous Night Out
Date:Sunday September 7 2014
Time:10:00pm EDT
Conditions:Clear, light breeze, 9 degrees
Theme:The Lunar North Pole
The night sky here can be breathtaking: glittering with stars, like diamonds scattered on black felt. Every clear night, we haul out our big 10-inch telescope and invite you for a tour of the Universe. Together, we'll go to places near and far: to satellites, double stars, planets, galaxies and even further. Here's a snapshot of a recent nocturnal foray:

The Peaks of Eternal Light

You've probably seen this round object a few times. Get ready for something different, though: the Moon is a spectacular sight in a telescope, unlike anything you can see with just your eyes. It's like having a 10-inch eyeball; there's so much light coming in! For most first-time viewers, the experience is visually overwhelming! Our last time out we looked at the Northern polar region of the moon (mouse here to see it), despite the fact that this region is tipped away from us right now. Since 1837, it has been speculated that a mountain near one of the moon's poles could be a "Peak of Eternal Light" i.e. the sun never sets on it. This astonishing idea has since gained some credibility, as a team from Johns Hopkins University has indicated that parts of the Peary Crater's rim may be candidates for this unique designation.

Here's a close-up of the moon's north pole:

In this dramatic close-up, we get a feel for the rough, bumpy terrain of the northern moon. The craters Plato and Goldschmidt serve as our "pointer" to locate Peary, as it is just to the left of where they point. Obviously, our view of Peary is edge-on, so it appears as a thin, bright line. There may be some peaks here that are always above the moon's terminator, like brightly-lit mountain-tops after sunset. Disregarding the occasional lunar eclipse, perhaps some of those elements really are blessed with eternal sunshine!

We do this stuff all the time here! You're here to see the Bruce Peninsula, right? Why not see the whole universe too? Join us every clear night for a FREE telescope adventure. It's not uncommon for guests to stroll out to the telescope with a glass of wine, and have a peek into the great unknown. Are you ready for a glimpse into the infinite? The skies are waiting...