Gazing Upward, and Dreaming...

Because we're all space cadets, at heart.

Our Previous Night Out
Date:Monday Dec 2 2013
Time:10:00pm EDT
Conditions:Clear, calm, -5 degrees
The night sky here can be breathtaking: glittering with stars, like diamonds scattered on black felt. Every clear night, we haul out our big 10-inch telescope and invite you for a tour of the Universe. Together, we'll go to places near and far: to satellites, double stars, planets, galaxies and even further. Here's a snapshot of a recent nocturnal foray:

It's Jupiter Time!

Ahh... Jupiter, king of the planets. In reality, it's a giant gas bag, the solar system's vacuum cleaner, constantly inhaling wayward objects with its enormous gravitational influence. We had the pleasure tonight of viewing Jupiter for the first time this fall. We hope to view the giant planet all winter. When looking through the eyepiece of our telescope, be prepared to enter a world of wonder. In our age of Hubble images, nothing yet compares to seeing the night sky with your own eyes, through a telescope.

Here's what our 10-inch telescope reveals:

On Jan 5, Jupiter is at opposition, which is usually the best time to see it. If anyone lives on Jupiter-- which I find somewhat doubtful-- they're in for a treat on Jan 5: they'll see the Earth and Moon pass across the face of the Sun. Transits, as they're called, happen all the time in our solar system. We often see Jupiter's moons, and their shadows, passing across the planet's face. Here's a great shot of the shadows of Io and Ganymede crossing Jupiter on Jan 3 2013:

We do this stuff all the time here! You're here to see the Bruce Peninsula, right? Why not see the whole universe too? Join us every clear night for a FREE telescope adventure. It's not uncommon for guests to stroll out to the telescope with a glass of wine, and have a peek into the great unknown. Are you ready for a glimpse into the infinite? The skies are waiting...