bear stories fire


Every wild place in the world inevitably has a fearsome top predator, dangerous to humans, and unpredictable in its behaviour. Here in Canada, the undisputed candidate for top predator is the... Bear. Polar bears wander our northern wastes; Brown Bears, of which the Grizzly is a subspecies, comb Canada's northwest for food, and the ubiquitous Black Bear seems to show up everywhere else. Their relationship with humans is fascinating, and checkered with mishaps and tragedy. As we increasingly invade their natural habitats, encounters naturally increase. These bear encounters, although rare, offer a glimpse of our relative weakness in the wild, when our technological superiority is removed and nature's playing field is leveled again. Here, then, are Canada's best Bear Stories, where encounters are described in spine-tingling detail. Do YOU have a Bear Story? , and you qualify to win an all-inclusive weekend getaway for two at the Evergreen Forest Resort (deep in bear country!)

The summer I was pregnant with my second child, my husband, son and I went on a road trip. We took a breathtaking circle route from BC’s lower mainland to Alberta’s Icefields Parkway and back through Prince George and Barkerville.

Two former city dwellers learn the eating habits of black bears and songbirds, with a few close encounters along the way!