Visiting the Wiarton area? Our Bed and Breakfast is Luxury in the Forest!

Our long, winding, cedar-lined driveway leads to a superb Wiarton B and B! Leave behind your everyday cares and concerns; this is a truly special experience, an exhilerating breath of fresh air for city-bound souls who long for a wilderness escape in the Grey Bruce, near the shores of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay!

The context behind all of our activities here at the Evergreen Forest is the closeness and richness of the wilderness around us. Every day turns a new page of this ongoing story, a story populated with an astonishing cast of plants, animals, and scenic vistas. These vital elements of our lives on Earth need replenishing; if you live and work in an urban environment, we believe that you need to reconnect with that beautiful resource from time to time, and draw strength from it as you require. We strive to integrate all facets of our services to you with this wonderful natural asset that is the Niagara Escarpment. Our Wiarton Bed and Breakfast is located in the heart of Grey and Bruce Counties, 20 minutes from Owen Sound, and 15 minutes from Sauble Beach. We are very proud that our customers refer to us as "the Hotel" in the forest; we would suggest to anyone who is considering booking a Wiarton hotel to give us a try! A multitude of seasonal activities awaits you here... we truly offer a 4-season vacation experience. Wiarton Willie is 5 minutes away, and this area has some of the best skiing and snowmobiling opportunities in Ontario. And did we mention some of the most spectacular fall colours you will ever see? So browse our site and let us introduce you to Southwestern Ontario's vacation backyard: the incomparable Bruce Peninsula! We encourage all visitors to this area to tap into this richness, and experience the sublime pleasure that a walk in the forest offers! Best of all, we're only five minutes from Wiarton, and the forest is calling...


Description Of Wiarton

Wiarton has been described by many people, and tourist information brochures are readily available, with lots of pictures. We still prefer a text from 1901, written by a County Valuator:
“The beauty of the site on which Wiarton is built places it in a unique position among the towns in the county of Bruce, none other of which can compare with it in picturesqueness. The view from the hill at the south of Wiarton charms every visitor. At one's feet lies the busy town, with its numerous factories and mills; further on, at the docks, are to be seen crafts of all descriptions. Beyond, the view extends for miles down Colpoy's Bay, with White Cloud and Hay Islands in the distance. The cultivated fields on the Keppel side of the bay seem to set off the bold limestone cliffs, commencing almost at the spectator's left hand and extending as far as the eye can reach along the west shore. Beauty of scenery is, however, only one of the natural advantages possessed by Wiarton. Its position at the south end of the peninsula resulted in its being for years the sole market town for all that stretch of country, and, dating from the entrance of the railway, the shipping point as well for all the peninsula could produce from its forests and fields. Large and predominating are now the interests of Wiarton on Colpoy's Bay, but at first no evidence was given that such was to be the case.”
Here's a little snapshot of Wiarton from the perspective a resident from the late 1860's. It is amazing how wild and untamed the area was at this time:
“Oxenden claims to have been the first place on the bay to receive settlers. Shortly afterwards another group of settlers took up land at or near where the post-office is which now bears the name of "Colpoy's Bay." These settlements date back to 1856, whereas Wiarton town lots [The original price of these lots was $6, subsequently raised to $10, and again to $40.] were not offered for sale until 1868. In evidence of the total absence of settlement at Wiarton as late as 1866, the author gives an experience of Mr. B. B. Miller [2] as related by him. In company with William McLaughlan, at that time tax collector in Amabel, Mr. Miller started on foot from "Colpoy's," going southward. When in the town-plot of Wiarton they missed the trail, owing to its being covered with fallen leaves, and were compelled to spend the night in the bush.”





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