The ULTIMATE Romantic Getaway Under the Stars!

Our outdoor Gazebo is deep in the forest, surrounded by nature. On clear nights, snuggle up and enjoy the show as the heavens wheel above. Rainy nights are awesome too, as rivulets cascade down the CLEAR roof. It's a little home in the wild, with a gazebo heater, privacy blinds and just a few steps to a private washroom. The fresh air is exhilarating under the trees, and like camping, morning comes crisp and cozy under the warm blankets.
In any season, the Constellation Suite is your romantic destination, with an enormous, 10-foot wide skylight right above the bed. You'll feel like reaching up and touching the stars! Evenings are breathtaking when the lights go down, whatever the weather outside. A private ensuite washroom, satellite TV and walk-out deck are all standard features. Mornings are nice and bright under the skylight, and you'll feel fresher and more rested.