Welcome to the Guest Activities pages of our Website, where we specialize in Wilderness Getaways! For most of the year, our Resort facility is available for much more than a bed and breakfast! While you're nestled here, deep in the forest,  use our facility as a jumping-off point for all your excursions. Bruce Peninsula Biking and Canoeing are easy to do here-- we can handle all the details like food, shuttle, itinerary, equipment transportation, etc.  We like to tell our customers:


telescope tours

Your Astronomy Tour Guide

Former science teacher Doug Murray has always been starstruck:

  • As a teenager he built a telescope from scratch, including the mirror.
  • Doug built a small observatory near London, Ontario for his 10-inch telescope.
  • One reason Doug moved his family to the Bruce Peninsula was for the spectacular dark skies.
  • Doug believes that opening doors of understanding of the natural world is the beginning of our inner journey as well.
telescope tours

Your Sleigh Tour Guide

Owner of Dual Acres Durk DeVries  is a natural with horses:

  • He personally cut the 7km of beautiful trails on his 50-acre property.
  • Durk has a gentle, soft approach to driving his team; the horses love their job!
  • You'll enjoy the Durk's fascinating horse and local history stories along the way.
  • Durk's passion is his involvement in fundraising efforts for local needy families.
telescope tours

Your Pontoon Boat Tour Guide

Former teacher Pete Stewart is a natural on water:

  • His fleet of 3 pontoon boats is busy from May to October
  • The Fishing Islands are his specialty; enjoy Pete's deep knowledge of the local history and geography of the area.
  • Pete is a strong advocate for the preservation of Ontario's Lake Huron shoreline.
bruce peninsula cycling

Your Bicycle Tour Guide

Local Phys-Ed teacher Jim Collins is passionate about the Bruce:

  • With the local schools, he has participated in countless outdoor events, and explored the Bruce Peninsula from end to end.
  • Jim's local knowledge is a great asset on the tours, as he explains the cultural, natural and historical perspectives of each attraction.
  • Jim is an accomplished long-distance bicyclist, and is delighted to help all those touring for the first time.
  • Jim is a firm believer in the notion that the destination is not the objective; the journey, and the stops along the way, is what it's all about!
bruce peninsula cycling

Your Dogsledding Tour Guide

Mountain Lake resident Richard Bayly is canine at heart:

  • Since 1997, Richard has been offering guided dogsledding adventures from his farm.
  • He keeps about 30 sled dogs, all of them fully trained for guest tours.
  • Richard's dogs are part of his family; they are treated with care and respect.
  • His enthusiasm is contagious out on the trails; why not try a dogsledding tour this winter?