Getaways are healthy for your relationship; it's always pleasant to put distance between yourself and the workaday world. As the miles slip by and your worries and cares melt away, the bonds of friendship, trust and understanding can begin to reforge. We like to think that Wilderness Getaways take that process a step further: here in the wild, that deep, primal awareness within all of us can resurface. As it does, it feels like the lifting of a distorting veil; it reveals the misplacement of priority in our lives, and casts into broad light what matters most. Discover yourself here, and rediscover the reasons why your relationship is so important.

At our resort, couples can reconnect to the music of nature: in the daily babble of the songbirds, and the haunting calls of the whip-poor-will and loon, and the chatter of chipmunks and squirrels, it surrounds us. Springtime's peeping frogs serenade us nightly; a cacophony of comfort, a thousand little musical darts piercing the night, volleying through our open window. In summer, the deep bass rumble of a summer night's  thunderstorm echoes across Lake Huron, somehow benign and pleasing on the horizon as it distantly passes and soaks the depths of Georgian Bay. In the coldest watches of the winter night, you can hear the wind's music, played from the far north, as it whispers through the frozen conifers, and in weaving through silent boughs arrives where you stand, to ferry off a puff of your breath. And high over your head, keeping time by silent witness, the coldly glittering stars arc gracefully, fixed to musical tracks set down before humans arose on this earth. 

We encourage all of our guests to tap into the very earth around us, and draw strength from it as they need. Use our accommodation to draw on this sustenance, and in so doing, support and revitalize each other.  Join us, where nature provides the music of love, and couples can discover for the first time what they already knew: their relationship matters more than anything else.